Welcome to the Animal Astronauts Homepage! The Space Physics Research Group at the University of Minnesota named its computers after famous animals in space, so we thought it might be neat to learn a little bit more about these early space travellers. Here's what we found...

Dogs in Space

Laika: Sputnik 2, November 1957

Belka and Strelka: Sputnik 5, August 1960

Pchelka and Mushka: Sputnik 6, December 1960

Chernushka: Sputnik 9, March 1961

Zvezdochka: Sputnik 10, March 1961

Verterok and Ugolyok: Kosmos 110, February 1966

Monkeys in Space

Gordo: JUPITER Missile AM-13, December 1958

Able and Baker: JUPITER Missile AM-18 May 1959

Sam: Mercury Little Joe 2, December 1959

Miss Sam: Mercury Little Joe 4, January 21, 1960

Chimps in Space

Ham: Mercury 2, January 1961

Enos: Mercury 5, November 1961

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