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History of Space Exloration Resources

Internet Sites

US Biomedical Space Research Timeline - on the NASA Neurolab site

Rocketry Through the Ages - a pictorial presentation from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center History Office

The New York Times on AOL: Sputnik - newspaper articles from the early days of space exploration

Army in Space - early space exploration by the U.S. Army and NASA

Sputnik 40th Anniversary

NASA Image eXchange - searchable archive of NASA images

Soviet Dogs in Space: Their Stories on Stamps

Books and Magazines Related to Animals in Space

Beischer, Dietrich E., and Alfred R. Fregly, Animals and man in space; a chronology and annotated bibliography through the year 1960, 97 p. tables., Office of Naval Research, Dept. of the Navy, Washington, 1962.

Bergwin, Clyde R., and William T. Coleman, Animal astronauts; they opened the way to the stars, 207 p. illus., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1963.

Diamond, Edward, and Stephen Bates, Sputnik, American Heritage, vol. 48, no. 6, pp. 84-93, October 1997.

Rey, H. A., Curious George Gets a Medal, Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, 1993.

A few notes on researching animals in space:

If you have trouble finding some of these books at your local public library, try a university medical school library or school of veterinary medicine library. You can also try searching library catalogs for Library of Congress subjects "Space medicine--Research" or "Aviation medicine" for further information.

Other Space Exloration Resources

The NASA Home Page

The University of Minnesota Space Physics Home Page