Physics 5422: Introduction to Magnetospheric Physics
Spring 1998


Robert L. Lysak
Physics 375

Class Hours:

MWF 1:25-2:15, 143 Physics


Parks, Physics of Space Plasmas

Other Useful Books:

Baumjohann and Treumann, Basic Space Plasma Physics
Baumjohann and Treumann, Advanced Space Plasma Physics
Chen, Introduction to Plasma Physics
Kelley, The Earth's Ionosphere
Kivelson and Russell, Introduction to Space Physics

Course Requirements:

Course grade will be based on problem sets roughly every week plus a final paper on a topic in magnetospheric physics

Course Outline (each topic approximately 1 week)

I. Overview of the Magnetosphere
II. Structure of the Geomagnetic Field
III. Single Particle Motions in Magnetic Fields
IV. Solar Wind, Magnetopause, and Bow Shock
V. Magnetospheric Convection
VI. Ionosphere and Field-Aligned Currents
VII. Parallel Electric Fields and the Aurora
VIII. Magnetotail and Magnetospheric Substorms

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